Collecting information and data on elevator operation to improve maintenance activities – smart doors as technology enabler

Today, ‘digitization’ is the hot topic, buzzword and goal of most organizations. Also many elevator companies are into it and developing new, innovative and customized services and technologies related to maintenance to even better meet final users’ changing needs and expectations on speed, transparency and predictability. Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Cloud Connectivity are entering fast into our industry and the range of applications is growing. Not directly involved in maintenance and service activities, Wittur has recently developed different systems used to gather information and data on the main   operation parameters of its elevator doors (QR Codes and traceability system, CAN-BUS data interface, sensors for specific door components, augmented reality). These can be easily integrated into diagnostic tools for elevators and help service companies in enhancing their preventive and extraordinary maintenance activities. In the paper we will present our digital-ready doors as technology enablers that facilitate the monitoring of elevator operations and the communication of potential malfunctioning.

E2 Forum Milano