I´m going to talk about the Elevator Industry in the last twenty years since I started working in it, The evolution of the elevators the most important innovations, and the future of the Elevator Industry.

My intention is following my steps into the elevator Industry to do a trip on the last innovations and legislations that apply to the products:

  • Machine Room less Elevator. (Big innovation)
  • Belt Elevator.
  • frequency inverters (comfort and safety)
  • Small Pit and reduced headroom. (Evolution)
  • EN81-1 2001+A3:2010 (Safety)
  • 21:2010 (Adaptation)
  • 20 / EN81.50 (Opportunity)
  • Small Pit and reduced headroom. (Evolution) (OKATT SPEZIALIZATION)
  • Connectivity and new maintenance tools. (Big innovation and opportunity).
  • Elevator without counterweight.

Actually the elevator industry is divided in many different product range and business, the most significant are:

  • Home lift.
  • Substitutions and modernizations
  • Rehabilitation of buildings
  • New construction elevators.
  • High-speed elevators and tall buildings.

These are the most relevant innovations in the last twenty years…..

Future: Talk about the Elevator Industry in the next twenty years, new products, new services.